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Health assistence to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia
Social inclusion through music
Therapy dogs with children with autism
Fighting against leprosy in Africa

Health assistence to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia


After collaborating with Juegaterapia in order to renew the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology plant of La Paz University Hospital in Madrid (you remember the project HERE), the customers of Promofarma start a new challenge today.

Did you know that Bolivia has one of the  highest percentages of maternal and infant mortality in Latin America with a child mortality rate of 42 deaths per 1,000 live births?

logo_medicosThrough this new challenge, those customers of Promofarma who want it, will be able to collaborate with Médicos del Mundo by adding €1 charity in their shopping basket, with the objective of reduce the maternal and child mortality in Bolivia.

One of the problems is that indigenous women and men have a conception completely different from the Western one when it comes to childbirth. To overcome the resistance to having their children out of their homes and with the aim of reducing maternal and infant mortality, Médicos del Mundo has adapted hospitals with rooms equipped according to indigenous traditions where medical personnel and midwives work together.

Thanks to these intercultural births, infant mortality has decreased in the last three years. With this project you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality.


Thanks to the amount collected by the customers of Promofarma 492 women and 46 men can be assisted and you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia.

If you want, you can follow the donation process though THIS LINK.


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Social inclusion through music


logo_ticketmasterAs you know, each month, Ticketmaster offers their customers, the option to add €1 social to their ticket and to collaborate to a different social cause.

This month of September, they will help  “Música Creativa” Foundation in order to facilitate the access to music education to students from many nationalities, that don’t have the necessary resources to continue their musical career.

Fundaci—n MusicacreativaFundación Música Creativa is a non-profit organization, created in 2008 to carry out social impact projects through music.

Through the BECAS program, the foundation offers students with musical abilities the possibility of studying official studies in the field of Jazz and Modern Music. The scholarships are aimed at musicians who have a professional level or equivalent and do not have the resources to pursue these studies.

Last year, 19 students were awarded scholarships and this time, with the collaboration of Ticketmaster customers, many more students will be able to participate in the program!


We remind you that, if you want, you can check the daily fundraising status HERE.

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Therapy dogs with children with autism


Those who follow us on social network, may know that Mascoteros has recently funded its last project, which has helped Jadoul Foundation to feed 170 homeless dogs during one month and a half.  You can remember the project HERE.

It is not the first time that Mascoteros customers show their social commitment when making their purchases. In fact, to date, its customers have raised close to € 10,000. Thanks to them, 4 social entities could start up their projects related to the animal world

Now, they initiate a new challenge so that children with autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) can carry out their therapy together with dogs, something that will increase their motivation and, consequently, the results of the therapy they follow.

bocalan_logoThey will do it together with Bocalán Foundation, an entity characterized by the inclusion of animals within therapeutic or educational processes with different groups that allow greater participation.

And it is that, often, people with autism show alterations in communication and social interaction, causing them difficulties in relating and understanding social behaviors, as well as difficulties in the language. Dogs help to capture the attention of children and encourages their participation in therapy by being a living being that moves, has different textures, smells and interacts directly with them.

 The challenge of the Mascoteros clients will be to obtain the necessary capital so that 10 children with autism can benefit from the assisted therapy with dogs for 4 months.

Click HERE to follow the donation process.


Worldcoo Team

Fighting against leprosy in Africa


Zacaris, the online shoes retail, has achieved its last challenge: collecting the necessary funds in order that 80 boys and girls from slums of Sangharsh Nagar, Powai, Kanjurmarg, Vikroli and Marol (Bombay) can receive medical checks and prevent ocular diseases with Mumbai Smiles.

In line with its social commitment, their new challenge now is to fight against leprosy in Benin (Africa), where over 55% of population have difficulties to access to health services and other basic services.

anesvadWith its help, the NGO Anesvad will be able to provide medical and hospital supplies kits (bandages, disinfectant material gloves…) to the Saint Camille Health Center in Benin, where the entity has been collaborating for years to end leprosy. Thanks of its solidarity, the center will be able to treat 80 people affected by this infectious disease, with special attention to children.  

If you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.

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