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A student has been selected
Registration for the Master of Peace
Provide a scholarship for a student from an impoverished country

A student has been selected

Today we are glad to tell you that the University Jaume I selected a student to give the scholarship for the Master of Peace.

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The student is from Pakistan, Izar Alí. He has been the person who scored the most, regarding to his qualifications. Now he will soon sign the policy agreement for the Master, so the money raised for him can be unlocked and spend for the first study payments.

We will keep you turned within the beginning of the university year about him and his first steps at the University.

Thank you to all the people who committed with the project!

Registration for the Master of Peace

As the funds needed are now raised, the application section for the Peace Master of Castellon is now open to students from impoverished countries.

The University Jaume I will then select the student which fits the most with the program. He will start, later this year, a two years Master of Peace. As we already said, this Master aims to form ambassadors of peace who will disseminate informations in order to keep peace and establish good relationships with other states.

If you know a student community in an impoverished country, you can help us spread the word!

Here is the link to download the application form : Download Application Form


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Provide a scholarship for a student from an impoverished country

The Universitat Jaume believes that impoverished countries needs agents of peace to promote development, humanitarian aid, peace culture, democracy, human rights, and of course communication of peaceful means.

Located at Castellón, in Spain, the university provides a two years academic program composed in three main subjects. The first one is Peace and Culture, then Peace and Conflicts, and Peace and development. To complete the program, two options could be chosen, Research Track (which give access to the Doctorate International Studies in Peace), and Professional Training Track (which contain an internship in an institution or organization).

Today, with the economic crisis, some budget cuts reached the education and the cooperation. Due to that, they don’t have money to afford a scholarship for a student from an impoverished country.

Nevertheless, the Master program decided to keep going by starting a crowd funding campaign on Worldcoo to finance a complete scholarship for one student.

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