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Let’s have one more final report
Let’s have one more is a success !
Belinda, Kobi and Lydia are our first success story
Sharing is caring, you may have seen this somewhere…

Let’s have one more final report

After the success of the project Let’s have one more, our friends from the International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies made a final report to show to all donors where their contributions went.

The report is made as a video, and you can view it in the following links:

We are happy to have such a success story in Worldcoo.

The worldcoo team.


Let’s have one more is a success !

Worldcoo is thrilled at a recent success story of having raised the full amount of money to provide a scholarship for a student coming from an impoverished country to study a master’s program at Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Castellón, Spain.

In the last weeks of October, Worldcoo went to a presentation of the masters program where we were fortunate to meet the teachers and staff, students and in particular the beneficiary of this internship.

Everyone here at Worldcoo would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has enabled this to happen. It is fantastic achieving results and it makes us strive even harder!

by Sally Rice.

Belinda, Kobi and Lydia are our first success story

Worldcoo is extremely pleased to report that we have completed our first project!

This project was focusing on three children, Belinda and Kobi, from Ghana, and Lydia from Nigeria. They spent the summer integrating within a Catalan family, being immersed into a different atmosphere, experiencing the culture that Catalunya has to offer and forming ties with another family.

We are thrilled to express that the children thoroughly enjoyed their time here and the bonds they made with their Catalan families were a joy to see. They have now made the safe journey back to their countries where they were overjoyed to find cases that their Catalan families made, containing clothes, food and sweets! The NGO and the families are still involved and will take care of their development, schooling, and their health through financial support and scholarships.

We would like to thank all that were involved within this project and we are looking forward to making our next project as successful!

by Sally Rice.

Sharing is caring, you may have seen this somewhere…

In today’s article we will approach the foundations of crowdfunding. Why? Because this funding method requires some knowledges to reach the success. Indeed, the base of crowdfunding is set on the crowd. On an internet platform, this crowd is your network.

So, the objective is to manage your network in order to glean some participations. How to do that? Why? Let’s see the answers.

How to manage your community?

Nothing more easy. When we say “manage”, it means “share” and “commit”. Your role as a member of worldcoo, a provider of project, or just a visitor, is to keep tuned your network. A little reflex like a share button clic, a comment, a like, or retweet is a lot more efficient that you can imagine! Truly, the internet communication is viral and extremely powerful. The slightest action gives birth to an incredible result.

Why do I have to engage my community?

Because you are the ambassador of the project. Worldcoo is only a platform who host it, but the communication is made by you. Also simply because it is the strongest way to bring a project to success. For example, if you make a donation and then tell it on your social account, there are many chances that your friends, members of your family, or anybody who can see what you’ve done do the same.

To conclude, if you are a donor, a mentor, or if you just want to support a project without involving money, you strongly should share a maximum the cause(s) you believe in to make them successful.

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Sharing is caring my friends 😉

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