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A student has been selected
Registration for the Master of Peace
The last straight line
54% of the project released !
Almost halfway

A student has been selected

Today we are glad to tell you that the University Jaume I selected a student to give the scholarship for the Master of Peace.

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The student is from Pakistan, Izar Alí. He has been the person who scored the most, regarding to his qualifications. Now he will soon sign the policy agreement for the Master, so the money raised for him can be unlocked and spend for the first study payments.

We will keep you turned within the beginning of the university year about him and his first steps at the University.

Thank you to all the people who committed with the project!

Registration for the Master of Peace

As the funds needed are now raised, the application section for the Peace Master of Castellon is now open to students from impoverished countries.

The University Jaume I will then select the student which fits the most with the program. He will start, later this year, a two years Master of Peace. As we already said, this Master aims to form ambassadors of peace who will disseminate informations in order to keep peace and establish good relationships with other states.

If you know a student community in an impoverished country, you can help us spread the word!

Here is the link to download the application form : Download Application Form


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The last straight line

The project Let’s have one more, which consist in getting funds to pay for a scholarship to form an ambassador of peace is about to reach the objective.

As you can see, it passed 80% of the final goal and less than 1000€ still need to be collected. More than 130 donators from more than 15 countries arround the world have already been committed with the project.

If we divide the money collected by the number of donors and then, divide the money we need by the average donation, it means that around 25 donors are missing yet to end the collect.

With all we did until today, we can easily say that we passed the hardest part. But the final straight line is still in front of us!

Spread the word on Facebook & Twitter!

54% of the project released !

Congratulations everybody, you did half of it. Let’s have a look at the figures…

You are 93 Donors from 15 different countries!

Most of you are from Spain, but we have people from all over the world! Argentina, Germany, Nicaragua, México, United Kingdom, Panama, Sahara, Denmark, Rwanda, Ecuador, Switzerland, United States, Venezuela, and Austria.

You raised 2,705€ with an average of 30€ per donor.

We’ve seen a good growth of the project, if you look at the graph, you’ll find that the founds are growing regularly but you have to keep going. According to it, we should expect 100% of the project by June 25th.

So, what’s next? Now you have to tell your friends, your family, your coworkers or classmates and everybody that the project needs their help!

The best way to achieve it is to spread the maximum with your community and explain them why it is so important to form ambassadors of peace (see the previous article).

We count on you! Support the project on Worldcoo.

Almost halfway

45% released in fifteen days! You’re doing a great work. It’s a pleasure to see so many people committed in the same cause. You are 79 to have make a donation.

Little recall : The project consist in provide a scholarship to a student from an impoverished country. The scholarship include a Master of Peace at the Universitat Jaume I in Castellon. The final objective is to train an ambassador of peace. In this way, the student will be capable to spread peaceful means when he will be back in his originary country.

Remember that one of the most important reason why impoverished countries are in low developement is because there are many problems with peace. A political regime disturbed cannot match with an economic development. So the main way to help those countries is to teach them how to ease tensions.

You already did mountains! But half of the project still needs your help!
Continue to spread the word at home, at work, with your family, your friends, and all the people you meet.

Facebook of Peace Master UJI

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