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New collaboration with Movistar+!
Labor insertion of women in India
“Poverty is not only to understand it, but also to solve it”, Vicente Ferrer

New collaboration with Movistar+!

Movistar + has launched a new fundraising campaign to get funds and collaborate with Vicente Ferrer Foundation together with Worldcoo.

Movistar+ Positivo (3)Radio Gaga is a program produced by Movistar+ and DIo Producciones in which Quique Peinado and Manuel Burque travel around our country in a caravan that becomes a radio studio when they arrive to their destination. The two presenters look for anonymous protagonists who can explain their great stories.

In their last program of this second season, Radio Gaga crosses our borders to travel to Anantapur (India) and give voice to the Spanish volunteers who work with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

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Moreover, Movistar + has launched a fundraising campaign to support Vicente Ferrer Foundation through Worldcoo.

logo_fvfBy clicking THIS LINK, anyone who wants it, can make a small social contribution  and collaborate with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. The objective they pursue is to provide access to quality health care to children under 15 years of age in rural areas of the state of Andhra Pradesh, as well as pregnant and lactating women and to contribute to the reduction of infant mortality.

In India, the under-5 mortality is 43% and is due, mainly, to neonatal causes.

The total amount collected will be allocated entirely to the Pediatric Hospital of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, located in the town of Bathalapalli, one of the main centers available to provide coverage for children from 0 to 15 years in the Anantapur district.

If you also want to donate or know the currect fundraising status, click THIS LINK.

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Labor insertion of women in India


Today is the International Women Day, a good occasion to take stock of the current situation in terms of gender equality, here and in other less developed countries.

vicente_ferrer_logoThis is the case, for example in India, a country where, according to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, “95% of Indian women work in the informal sector of the economy and their work is insecure, irregular, invisible and usually not recognized.

Given this scenario, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has various programs in place to promote gender equality and fight for women’s rights in India.

logo_ticketmasterCoinciding with this important date, Ticketmaster will collaborate all this March with the Foundation to be able to take a step further in the labor insertion of women in India.

And throughout this month, when buying a ticket for any leisure event, Ticketmaster customers can add a euro in solidarity to their purchase and help the entity to 40 women in India who have suffered gender violence , are widows or have been abandoned can improve their autonomy through the generation of regular income.

The objective is to be able to carry out training workshops in relation to the production and commercialization of vegetable-based phenol (antiseptic and disinfectant product), because there is a stable demand for this product in the local market.


Remember that if you want you can follow the process of donation day by day HERE.


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“Poverty is not only to understand it, but also to solve it”, Vicente Ferrer


Our Ambassadors visit Vicente Ferrer Foundation!

The first time that Vicente Ferrer visited India was in 1952 as a missionary of “Compañía de Jesús”, in Mumbai.  He didn’t imagine then that some years later, the ruling classes of the country would see their contribution as a threat to the country.  In 1968 Ferrer was forced to leave India, but his departure left no one indifferent; a march of 250 km carried out by more than 30.000 people finally made that Indira Ghandi get a new visa to Vicente to stay in India.  In 1969 Vicente and Anna Ferrer founded Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.


Jordi and Joana with some of the people from Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Today, more than 3 million people benefit from all the projects that the Foundation carries out in order to promote the development of the most poverty and excluded communities. So it is not surprising that locals remember Vicente as “the God who we could touch”.

In Worldcoo we feel very fortunate to have helped to get funds to this organization who we admired so much. For this reason, we were very excited to know the experience of our two ambassadors after visiting two of the projects that our “eCommerce with cause” have helped to fund there:

  • The first one is the pediatric attention care of more than 1.300 kids that the users of Banco Sabadell are helping to fund there, in the Pediatric Hospital in Bathalapalli. You can remember the project HERE.
  • The second project they visited was the dam that Planeta Huerto users funded in order to improve the agricultural and livestock needs of 1.126 people from Agraharam, a village in the district of Anantapur, in India. You can remember the project HERE.

As we explain you, after their adventure in Africa (you can remember their first experience HERE and the second HERE), Jordi and Joana started a new adventure to Anantapur, where there’s the Campus of the Foundation. They explain us their experience. Keep reading!


Joana with some of the students

“50 years ago Anantapur was a very arid, almost deserted rural area. Nowadays, although it is still one of the driest areas in Andhra Pradesh, it is surrounded by several green areas, mainly mango trees and peanut plants, and several reservoirs to store rainwater. These are the most superficial changes the city has undergone. The rest, can be discovered once you enter the Campus that the organization has in Anantapur; it’s like a world apart from the region, even from India.

The first day there we went to Bathalapalli, about 25km from Anantapur. There, there is the project that the users of Banco Sabadell are helping to fund there, the General Hospital and the Pediatric Hospital, as well as some other projects that the organization carries out in the region.

Once we park near the hospital we began to see all the traffic of people entering, leaving, waiting … As they told us, the center has become a reference in the state because of the quality of its services. It is the “jewel of the Crown” of the Foundation. A total of 80 doctors and volunteers attend about 1900 consultations a day. Some months ago, the services were completely free, now each family pays according to what they could afford. People who can’t afford it, receive help from some of the projects they carry out, such as the one that Banco Sabadell participated with WorldCoo. Thanks to their solidarity contribution, 1,300 children will be able to receive free medical care.


Pediatric Hospital in Bathalapalli

The hospital has two emergency rooms, an ambulance, ten beds for intensive care, laboratories with the most advanced machinery, a blood bank recognized by the government, 350 postoperative beds, an optical gynecology section… And also has the area of Pediatrics, with capacity up to 80 children and the neonatal ICU.

We met one of the volunteers and explained that when he arrived at the hospital, he had a lot of prejudices about the type of place where he would work, but that, in fact, he had there the same machines as in Spain.

The second project we visited was the dam that the users of Planeta Huerto had helped to fund through WorldCoo.

Water reservoirs are a key element in boosting the economy of Andra Pradesh, India’s second most arid state. The weather conditions the agriculture of the country, the livelihood of almost 80% of the population.

Through the construction of this reservoir, it will be possible to irrigate about 50 hectares, directly benefiting 12 families of farmers and 203 families of this town indirectly.


Joana and Jordi in one of the villages they visited

What we saw in these and other projects is that the main objective of Vicente and Anna was always to empower the lower class, those who were always scorned and even killed by their illness or condition, which represented a shame for the family . Dalits, people who are deaf, dumb, with Down syndrome, AIDS patients or with mobility problems due to polio. Everyone has understood that they are the same as others and now families are even proud of their achievements. One day Vincent said: “My job is to achieve impossible dreams” and it is precisely this feeling that one takes from the Foundation, to witness a miracle”.

Worldcoo Team


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