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Viena in favor of the labor insertion for people with intellectual disabilities
Viena launches the Social Round Up!

Viena in favor of the labor insertion for people with intellectual disabilities



Charity Rounding Up for AMPANS

LOGO VIENASince some months ago, Viena offers in all their establishments the Charity Rounding Up, a new solution that enables people to make micro-donations for charity each time they pay with card.

The first campaign they collaborated with was dedicated to the research for a future without Alzheimer, together with the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. During the past months, all their customers have had the chance to collaborate with the Gasol Foundation to promote the physical exercise to improve children’s health.

“Cent to cent, we create opportunities”

logo_ampansNow, Viena starts a new campaign with the main aim of promote the labor insertion of people with intellectual disabilities, and they will do so with AMPANS Foundation.

The AMPANS Foundation accompanies people with intellectual disabilities of vulnerable situations so that they can develop their life projects, ensuring their rights, offering support and creating opportunities that make it possible.


Having a job makes people live fully, feel useful and contribute to society. In AMPANS, people with intellectual disabilities are helped to obtain and maintain a workplace in standardized environments, but when the incorporation into the world of business is not possible, the foundation creates adapted workplaces, with a wide range of possibilities to find the right place for each person.

One of the labor insertion projects that AMPANS wants to promote is an agro-social tourism project on the Urpina region, in the heart of Catalonia.

Cent to cent, the customers of Viena will collect to promote the agro-social tourism project that AMPANS develops in Urpina (Catalonia). The initiative will provide a workplace for 40 people with special needs in the coming years, and will raise awareness for the socio-labor inclusion of people with disabilities to the more than 20,000 visitors who are expected that will visit the farm.  


You can follow the donation process and obtain more information about the project here.


Worldcoo Team

Viena launches the Social Round Up!


logo-fpm-slogan-rgb-enThrough the campaign “Building memory, cent by cent”, the company invites all their customers who pay with credit card, to round up the total of their bill and donate the cents to Pasqual Maragall Foundation. The objective? To cooperate with the entity to facilitate the scientific research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer is a disease which affects 1 in 10 people over 65 years. Through the Social Round Up, Viena will collaborate with the new  Clinical Research Unit for the Prevention of Dementia, run by the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC), which studies the risk of developing dementia within five years in people strongly at risk of suffering from the disease.

Viena is the first restoration company in Spain that offers our new fundraising system and, in less than one week, their customers have already collected more than € 6,000!

Moreover, Viena have had the occasion to talk with Cristina Maragall, the spokesperson of the Foundation, with the aim of knowing a little bit more about the history of the entity, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. We invite you to visit its blog and read the full interview here.

The customers of Viena can have access to more information about the project, make a micro-donation, know the fundraising status or obtain their donation certificate through this link.

And you, do you have a retailer and would like to offer the Social Round Up in your establishments? Contact us through contact@worldcoo.com and we will give you all the details.   

Worldcoo Team

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