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Health assistence to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia
Gender equality in the school
Help homeless dogs not go hungry
Giving Tuesday: the day dedicated to solidarity has come

Health assistence to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia


After collaborating with Juegaterapia in order to renew the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology plant of La Paz University Hospital in Madrid (you remember the project HERE), the customers of Promofarma start a new challenge today.

Did you know that Bolivia has one of the  highest percentages of maternal and infant mortality in Latin America with a child mortality rate of 42 deaths per 1,000 live births?

logo_medicosThrough this new challenge, those customers of Promofarma who want it, will be able to collaborate with Médicos del Mundo by adding €1 charity in their shopping basket, with the objective of reduce the maternal and child mortality in Bolivia.

One of the problems is that indigenous women and men have a conception completely different from the Western one when it comes to childbirth. To overcome the resistance to having their children out of their homes and with the aim of reducing maternal and infant mortality, Médicos del Mundo has adapted hospitals with rooms equipped according to indigenous traditions where medical personnel and midwives work together.

Thanks to these intercultural births, infant mortality has decreased in the last three years. With this project you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality.


Thanks to the amount collected by the customers of Promofarma 492 women and 46 men can be assisted and you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia.

If you want, you can follow the donation process though THIS LINK.


Worldcoo Team 

Gender equality in the school


logo_sprinter“The latest report of the World Economic Forum on the gender gap warns that, after a decade of slow but steady progress, this year several indicators of parity have not only stagnated but have worsened.”

Coinciding with the return to school, Sprinter launches today a new fundraising campaign with which they offer to all their customers the option to donate one euro for charity and collaborate with Ayuda en Acción through their program “Aquí también”.

logo_ayudaenaccionThe objective is to apply the gender perspective in education to achieve full equality of rights between women and men from childhood through extracurricular leisure activities.

Thanks to this, 20 children will be able to participate in this program and end the intergenerational transmission of poverty through education outside the classroom with an inclusive perspective on gender equality and favoring equal opportunities.

How to do it?

When you’re paying for the articles you have bought, you can add one social euro and collaborate to end gender inequality.


Remember that on our website you can follow the status of the updated collection of all the projects. Click HERE to see this.

This action takes place in the context of the campaign “Vuelta al cole de Sprinter”, which promotes the importance of making visible the need to have inclusive spaces that ensure that all girls and boys have the same place to play in the playground of the school.  Through the Sprinter School, the company offers its clients the possibility to attend free online workshops on gender equality and family storytelling also focused on promoting equality from childhood. For more information and registration: https : //www.sprinter.es/escuela-sprinter

Worldcoo Team

Help homeless dogs not go hungry


cap_eng_mascoterosToday we want to share with you the history of Bombón, a young dog that appeared at the beginning of last November in one of the refuges of the Jadoul Foundation  in a state of clear neglect.

A friend of the Foundation saw her and brought her directly to one of the centers of the  Jadoul Foundation in Cheste (Valencia).

“When Bombón arrived at the centre, the scenario was terrible” – Maria tells us, responsible of fundraising in Jadoul Foundation.  “We took her to the vet and they did several tests. She had a leishmania that had manifested cutaneous and due to the neglect and non-treatment of the disease, had affected the dog very aggressively. They prescribed special food, in addition to their medications, and special bathrooms to recover the skin and hair.

logo_1346From the first minute the dog proved to be an authentic sweetness, a real bonbon (hence its name). He allowed himself to do everything, and only had to endure the stinging when you healed her and stabbed you with a look of thanks when you finished. It broke our hearts. But as always, these furry ones we love so much do not give up, and she struggled and improved to become the preciousness that is now“, he adds.

Now, Bombón is a very nice dog, supper affectionate and, in the refuge of the Foundation she lives with many other dogs that, like her, look for a home.

After collecting the necessary funds so that 100 companuin animals of homeless people can have veterinary assistance, now the customers of Mascoteros will collaborate with Jadoul Foundation to help the 170 animals that, like Bombón, the Foundation host in order to ensure veterinary assistance and basic care.

Thanks to the amount that Mascoteros collect, Bombón and 170 more dogs will have food insured for a month and a half.

If you want, you can follow the donation process HERE.


Worldcoo Team


Giving Tuesday: the day dedicated to solidarity has come

Many of you have heard about Black Friday or Cyber Monday, two days in which actual stores or stores online give high discounts because of this time marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. Today we are going to talk about Giving Tuesday, a movement that was created in 2012 as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that wants to encourage and multiply the good deeds of people. The aim of this movement is to spend one day of celebrating the solidarity of the people in all the world. With the hashtag #GivingTuesday we want to encourage people to make a donation like food, money, time (be a volunteer) or giving lightly used objects.

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, you can collaborate with an existing project by giving a donation, you can create your own fundraising campaign or you can propose a cause for this global day. In the official webpage of #GivingTuesday you can find different ideas for this day, different solidarity initiatives and the different projects that have been created for this date.

Giving Tuesday

As a committed company, we want to collaborate with Giving Tuesday global movement and we are going to make different actions:

First of all, we have designed our “Giving Tuesday Widget”. On December 1st this widget will appear in all of our e-commerce with a cause like Dreivip, Uvinum, Mequedouno or Promofarma, to promote the donations on this day.

At the moment, some of our e-commerce of a cause have confirmed that they will join the #GivingTuesday movement. These e-commerce are Dreivip, Mequedouno, Uvinum, Promofarma and LetsBonus.

Finally, coincidentally with the Day of Giving Tuesday, we launch our Christmas Campaign. This campaign consists in the draw of a “Solidarity basket” filled with donated products by our e-commerce of a cause. To participate in the draw, you have only to pay 2, 5 or 10€ that will go entirely to the project “Personalitats” of the NGO Pallapupas. Worldcoo also will make a donation to make the project possible. The days before December 1st, we will write a post about our Christmas campaign.

Like us and our e-commerce with a cause, join with GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that will take place this year on December 1st.

The Worldcoo team.

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