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Training of women as bicycle technicians
e-Commerce. Social challenges of a growth sector
#NewSponsor & #NewProject: Youths with a Future

Training of women as bicycle technicians


Santafixie-GroupWe have spoken many times of Santa Fixie Group’s continued commitment to the use of bicycles as a tool for social and labor inclusion. Through their latest funded project, they have managed to get 25 children and young people from Palmarín (Senegal) to go to school thanks to the delivery of multiple bicycles (you can remember the project HERE).

Now, through Maya Pedal, they present us with a new concept of bicycles: bicimachines, an ecological alternative that proposes to replace motors that consume electricity or petroleum derivatives.

mp_logoMaya Pedal is an organization that works to improve the conditions of Guatemalan families, while at the same time contributing in each of their actions to the environment. The entity is a pioneer in the creation of bi-machines, which are driven with the force of pedals, through human propulsion.

They are machines that use the power of pedaling to drive “appliances”, such as blenders, washing machines, water pumps… No need for electricity. So they are a good tool to support the family economy.


In addition, since they are built by hand in the Maya Pedal workshop, they are also a very good opportunity to access the labor market. This is the goal of this campaign: to raise the amount needed to train adolescents who have left school so that they can work as bicycle and bicycle mechanic techniques.

All the euros collected by Santa Fixie will enable the entity to train 30 teenagers between 14 and 19 in San Andrés Itzapa (Guatemala) as bicycle and bicycle repair techniques, which will allow them to enter the labor market.

Would you like to know the current fundraising status?  Click HERE.

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e-Commerce. Social challenges of a growth sector

In recent years, e-commerce has taken centre stage, to the extent that it represents the 6% of the total trade in the world, and this figure is rising year after year, according to a study carried out by eMarketer. In the specific case of Spain, the e-commerce growth has multiplied 17 times faster than traditional businesses, according to a survey regarding “The profile of an online trader 2017” which was conducted by Xopie.

Selling via digital means has attracted people from all sectors, supported by the huge role that phones play in our daily lives, the increasing impact of social networks and internationalisation. Today, 51% of businesses which dedicate themselves to selling via digital channels register a growth.

There are some figures which show the success e-commerce has had, which at the same time put it in the spotlight. The e-commerce sector does not go unnoticed anymore and therefore, it cannot escape the commitment and engagement it has with society and its surroundings.

It is calculated that 39% of the jobs created in our country this year will belong to the e-commerce sector, and it is the responsibility of the businesses from this sector to make sure that these job posts have a positive impact on our society.

Companies can no longer just be digital, but now they also have to be responsible and take on some challenges such as these:

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  • Producing employment which promotes equal opportunities and the possibility to reconcile, not only to benefit the team, and therefore also the results, but also to be an example to other businesses and to society in general.
  • Producing stable work with fair conditions in the e-commerce sector can lead to a reduction in our society in the rate of job insecurity and consequently, will make it be able to fight against poverty in our country. This is the obligation of every business, including the digital ones.
  • Defending and promoting the values regarding looking after the environment and respecting our surroundings is a question of the image of the company, but also a question of responsibility for new companies which can no longer ignore what is happening around them.
  • Demanding the same social commitment from the suppliers and partners as that of e-commerce can form a strong tool to promote a change towards a fairer, more sustainable and responsible society.

E-commerce is growing, and it is in their hands to decide whether or not it will grow in favour of the society which surrounds them and which they are reaching out to.

Worldcoo Team. 


#NewSponsor & #NewProject: Youths with a Future

Globomatik, the wholesaler of new technologies products, wants to make more solitary the technological purchases, for this reason it has joined with the group of socially responsible e-commerce. Globomatik has integrated Worldcoo’s solidary widget allowing its more than 4.000 customers make a donation in their purchase in order to help fund high social impact projects.

Because of the crisis, the unemployment rate in Spain is dramatic. Unemployment has a strong impact at youth, it is one of the worst things that Spanish economic crisis has left behind: more than 55% of youth under 25 are unemployed. This problem increase if this youth are living in a poverty situation.

The program of Youths with a Future of Adsis Foundation works with teenagers and youth with employment difficulties in order to help them to define their social and labor itinerary by focusing on those aspects they have more difficulties by a comprehensive and holistic way.

In order to carry out the program of Youths with a Future, Adsis Foundation accompanies youth between 16 and 25 years and living in a vulnerability situation to help them to accessing a job facilitating their social integration. All of it through an integral and personalized work plan with the aim to capacitate the youths for the employment and provide them the security and the self-confidence to access to the working world.


Globomatik has sponsored the project Youth with a Future to make possible that the following activities are carrying out thanks to the donations made by its customers:

  • Assign a tutor / to each youth.
  • Agree the training project to be done with each.
  • Signing a pact with the individual and with the family, if needed.
  • Regularly monitor the use of grants.

With 2.000€ donated by Globomatik customers, 15 youths under 25, with have difficulties to access to labor market and living in a vulnerability situation, will benefit from Youth with a Future program of Adsis Foundation.

The Worldcoo team.

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