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Generate solutions for the problems in the world

Generate solutions for the problems in the world

A few months ago we gave you good news about Worldcoo: we were officially a Certified B Corporation and we explained to you how much it meant for us. Today we are talking about what it means to be a B Corp company.

Perhaps you don’t know what it means to have this certification, don’t worry about it in the following sentences we will tell you the definition. According to B corporation website, “B corp is the first certification of a company that guarantees the organizational sustainability and allows the company to comply voluntarily with high social and environmental standards as well as comply with transparency commitments and corporate responsibility.

It seems easy but it isn’t. B corp companies have to have a continuous improvement process to generate positive impact for the society and for the environment. The company has to take into account that it always has to fulfill the following requirements and commitments:

1.       Commitment of purpose: the companies have to have a business model focused in order to create a positive impact in the society and environment.

2.       Commitment of responsibility: the company must protect the interest of the workers, environment and the community.

3.       Commitment of transparency:  the companies with Certified B Corporation have to publish an annual report about their social and environmental impact. This report must be comprehensive and transparent and it must be certified by an external and independent organism.

generate solutions for the world

Many citizens of the world are conscious about social and environmental problems that exists in the world and all want to be a part of the solution of these problems. We not only want to pay our bills and satisfy our basic needs, we also want to have integrity and we want to feel our lives are meaningful.

Best of all is that to create the solutions for the problems there are in the world, we don’t need heroes, we must change the way to we make many things. For instance, in 2011 when the Spanish government approved the new law about smoking many people thought that it was a madness but nowadays we have changed our habits and now it would be rare to see someone smoking, for example, in a restaurant. Changing our habits can generate solutions for many of the problems that exists in the world today.

If citizens can change their habits, companies can also change their habits. Many companies will think like many citizens, they will think that it is a madness and that they will not receive anything, but what these companies don’t know is that their success is in to make everybody be able to live better.

If you are a person or company and you had doubts about B Corp movement, we hope that this post helps you and remember BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

The Worldcoo team.


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