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Bonpreu i Esclat starts its 2nd charity campaign though the Social Round Up
Sanchez Romero Supermarkets launches its second social challenge
Sanchez Romero offers the “Social Round Up” at their establishments!

Bonpreu i Esclat starts its 2nd charity campaign though the Social Round Up

logo_BonPreuEsclatAs you know, since February, “Bonpreu i Esclat” Supermarkets offer their customers who pay with card the option to round up the total amount and donate the cents to a social cause.

Since now, they have been collaborating in favor of Casal dels Infants with the purpose of facilitating scholar support to children at risk of social exclusion. Cent to cent, though the 750,000 donations that have been made, more than €180,000 have been raised! You can remember the project here.

Now, they start a new project in favor of Fundació Oncolliga.

The project: Attention to people with cancer and their families                 

logo_oncolliga6In 2018, more than 42.919 cancer cases were diagnosed in Catalonia  (18.267 women and 24.652 men), a 1,5% more than the year before. In the lasts six years, the total cancer diagnoses have increased around 9%.

People with cancer in situations of dependency and / or palliative have difficulties to be able to assume habitual tasks in daily life, as well as to maintain an adequate personal, familiar and emotional development.


Through this project, the clients of Bonpreu i Esclat will collaborate so that the entity can offer psychological care and support to cancer patients and their families. The objective is none other than to improve the welfare and quality of life of the whole family unit and reduce psychosocial stress.

Do you want to follow the campaign collection status and get more information about the project? You can do it through this link.

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Sanchez Romero Supermarkets launches its second social challenge

On this occasion, their clients will be able to donate their cents to collaborate with the Down Syndrome Foundation in Madrid.

logosrSince this year, the customers of Sanchez Romero Supermarkets can also round up their final ticket and donate their cents to many causes.  Under the Social Round Up camaign, the customers of the company have already raised more than €5,000 to collaborate with CRIS Cáncer to boost the medical research of breast cancer.

logo_downmadridNow, they start a new charity challenge and they collaborate with  Down Syndrome Foundation in Madrid, entity that facilitates the integration of people with Down Syndrome in the family, school, work and social environment with the aim of improving their life quality.

Due to their anatomical and physiological characteristics, children with Down syndrome are more susceptible to suffering from certain types of respiratory and digestive pathologies, which often result in hospital admission with all the complications that this entails.

The goal is to raise the necessary amount so that children with Down Syndrome can access to 100 grants that allow the respiratory and digestive treatments to improve their life quality.


For those who want to get more information about the project, know the current fundraising status or obtain their donation certificate, click HERE.


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Sanchez Romero offers the “Social Round Up” at their establishments!

The revolution of the “Supermarkets with a cause” has just started. Each time, there are more and more supermarkets that offer their customers the possibility of rounding up the final amount of their purchase anddonate the cents to contribute with a social cause.

Most of time, for us, three cents don’t mean anything; but the sum of these few cents can help change the lives of thousands of people.


logosrThe last company to offer this option is Sanchez Romero, a gourmet supermarket that has ten physical stores and an online store located in Madrid.

Under the “Sanchez Romero Solidario” campaign, the brand offers its clients the possibility of collaborating with different social causes with a direct impact on the Community of Madrid.

logo_crisThe first of these is Cris Contra el Cáncer, an organization born with the aim of financing research projects for the treatment and cure of cancer. Specifically, the clients of Sanchez Romero will collaborate so that the entity has the necessary economic resources to develop a new treatment that improves the survival rate of breast cancer, the most frequent tumor among women.  

Customers can have more information about the project and the fundraising campaign through this link: https://sanchez-romero.worldcoo.com/es/

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