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Training of women as bicycle technicians

Training of women as bicycle technicians


Santafixie-GroupWe have spoken many times of Santa Fixie Group’s continued commitment to the use of bicycles as a tool for social and labor inclusion. Through their latest funded project, they have managed to get 25 children and young people from Palmarín (Senegal) to go to school thanks to the delivery of multiple bicycles (you can remember the project HERE).

Now, through Maya Pedal, they present us with a new concept of bicycles: bicimachines, an ecological alternative that proposes to replace motors that consume electricity or petroleum derivatives.

mp_logoMaya Pedal is an organization that works to improve the conditions of Guatemalan families, while at the same time contributing in each of their actions to the environment. The entity is a pioneer in the creation of bi-machines, which are driven with the force of pedals, through human propulsion.

They are machines that use the power of pedaling to drive “appliances”, such as blenders, washing machines, water pumps… No need for electricity. So they are a good tool to support the family economy.


In addition, since they are built by hand in the Maya Pedal workshop, they are also a very good opportunity to access the labor market. This is the goal of this campaign: to raise the amount needed to train adolescents who have left school so that they can work as bicycle and bicycle mechanic techniques.

All the euros collected by Santa Fixie will enable the entity to train 30 teenagers between 14 and 19 in San Andrés Itzapa (Guatemala) as bicycle and bicycle repair techniques, which will allow them to enter the labor market.

Would you like to know the current fundraising status?  Click HERE.

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