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NewProject & #NewSponsor: improve the quality of life of youth from Nairobi with Cycloville

NewProject & #NewSponsor: improve the quality of life of youth from Nairobi with Cycloville

Cycloville (Cycling Village), is a network of cyclists and bicycle shops in Nairobi. Cycloville works to make grew the bicycle industry and be able to create employment in the poorest zones in Nairobi through 10 bicycle shops that works together to generate employment opportunities for youth with less resources living in Nairobi slums.

Cycloville allows youth from Nairobi to have access to a learning and to job in one of its shops. In addition, Cycloville also give to the youth an access to a business training in order to they can develop, in a future, their own bicycle company.

Bikes not bombs is an entity that uses bicycles as a vehicle for social change. Every year, Bikes not Bombs gather approximately 6.000 bicycles used by people living in Boston or New England. Most bicycles are sent abroad to develop projects of economic development.

Bikes not bombs work together with Cycloville in order to be carried out the following activities:

  • Train 25 youth per year as mechanics and support them to gain employment in bike shops throughout Nairobi.
  • Ship over 1000 used bikes per year.
  • Connect with new suppliers to stabilize the market and support the growth of the bike industry.


The first online shop Fixie Bikes and accessories for urban cycling in Europe, Santafixie, has joined with Worldcoo to help in the funding of social and sustainable development projects.

From now, the more than 30.000 customers from 30 different countries that have trusted in Santafixie, will be able to make a donation in each purchase they make. This donation will add to the fundraising to be able to fund social and sustainable development projects. The first project in which Santafixie customers will be able to collaborate have the aim to create employment for youth living in the slums in Nairobi.

Thanks to the solidarity of Santafixie customers, 25 youth from the slums will be trained as mechanics and employed in Cycloville’s network of Bike Shops. Also, the entire cycling community and everyone they serve will be benefit indirectly. This includes everyone from shop owners to racers to bike dependent commuters.

Welcome to the group of e-commerce with a cause of Worldcoo!

The Worldcoo team.


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