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#NewSponsor & #NewProject: Youths with a Future

#NewSponsor & #NewProject: Youths with a Future

Globomatik, the wholesaler of new technologies products, wants to make more solitary the technological purchases, for this reason it has joined with the group of socially responsible e-commerce. Globomatik has integrated Worldcoo’s solidary widget allowing its more than 4.000 customers make a donation in their purchase in order to help fund high social impact projects.

Because of the crisis, the unemployment rate in Spain is dramatic. Unemployment has a strong impact at youth, it is one of the worst things that Spanish economic crisis has left behind: more than 55% of youth under 25 are unemployed. This problem increase if this youth are living in a poverty situation.

The program of Youths with a Future of Adsis Foundation works with teenagers and youth with employment difficulties in order to help them to define their social and labor itinerary by focusing on those aspects they have more difficulties by a comprehensive and holistic way.

In order to carry out the program of Youths with a Future, Adsis Foundation accompanies youth between 16 and 25 years and living in a vulnerability situation to help them to accessing a job facilitating their social integration. All of it through an integral and personalized work plan with the aim to capacitate the youths for the employment and provide them the security and the self-confidence to access to the working world.


Globomatik has sponsored the project Youth with a Future to make possible that the following activities are carrying out thanks to the donations made by its customers:

  • Assign a tutor / to each youth.
  • Agree the training project to be done with each.
  • Signing a pact with the individual and with the family, if needed.
  • Regularly monitor the use of grants.

With 2.000€ donated by Globomatik customers, 15 youths under 25, with have difficulties to access to labor market and living in a vulnerability situation, will benefit from Youth with a Future program of Adsis Foundation.

The Worldcoo team.

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