The customers of Condis start a new project through the Social Round Up

Condis collaborates with the Spanish Federation of Rare Disease (FEDER).


logo-condisAs you know, at the end of last year, Condis Supermarket launched the Social Round Up in their establishments (remember it here).

Since then, their customers have the opportunity to round up their ticket and donate the difference cents to social cause. So far, all the funds raised have been donated to “Fundació Arrels” (in the case of supermarkets located in Catalonia) and EDUCO (establishments in Madrid).

Their 2nd challenge: Attention to children with rare disease and their families

Coinciding with the International Rare Disease Day – which will take place next February 28-, Condis starts a new challenge with the objective of proportionate an attention and help service to children with rare disease and their families. In order to achieve it, the total amount collected will go directly to the Spanish Federation of Rare Disease (FEDER).

What is a rare disease?

A disease is considered rare when it affects a limited number of the total population, defined in Europe as less than 1 per 2,000 citizens. It is estimated that, between 6 and 8% of the world population, more or less, has an ER. That is, more than 3 million Spaniards, 30 million Europeans, 25 million Americans and 42 million in Latin America.


logo_FEDERFEDER works for a world in which people with a rare disease have the same opportunities in life as the rest of society, regardless of the rarity of their disease.

Their main reason for being are families with a rare disease, they accompany them in their day to day to help them in their needs, in the search for a diagnosis, to find a second medical opinion of experts in their pathology, in psychological support to the family, in legal advice and they put in contact the different people affected, and try to make them aware of their illness.

How can I collaborate?

  • If you’re shopping in a Condis Supermarket and want to round up your ticket, indicate it in the cash service.
  • Cashier staff will round up the final amount of your purchase and continue with the usual payment process.
  • A code will appear on your purchase ticket. You can use it to obtain your donate certification.

Are you a retailer and would like to offer the Social Round Up? Contact us and we will give you all the details.

Worldcoo Team

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