The customers of Sanchez Romero round up their ticket in favour of Ayuda en Acción


Healthy breakfast for children at risk of social exclusion

logo_sr_solidarioAs you may know, Sanchez Romero offer their customers the chance to make a micro-donation each time they use they use their card. The social iniciative has made possible that organizations such as CRIS Cáncer, Down Madrid, Saniclown and Acción Contra el Hambre can implement their projects around the world.

ayuda en accionOn this occasion, the company starts a new fundraising campaign with the challenge of collaborate with Ayuda en Acción in order that the organization can be able to provide healthy breakfast for children at risk of social exclusion.

This is a project that promotes equal opportunities in the educational system, improves healthy living conditions by fighting against malnutrition and fostering the integration of families in their communities through tools that promote their personal and professional development.

 ayuda en acción2

All the donations received through the Social Round Up, children at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the Community of Madrid will receive a daily healthy breakfast.

If you want to get more information about the project and check the fundraising status click HERE.

Worldcoo Team

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