Ticketmaster against gender violence


This November, the customers of Ticketmaster collaborate to promote the labor insertion of women who have been victims of gender violence.

If in October, the customers of Ticketmaster raised more than €9,000 to help the Spanish Association Against Cancer to offer psychological support to patients of cancer, this month they can support Ana Bella Foundation.

Did you know that 13% of Spanish women have been victims of gender violence and only 27% of them denounce it? There’s an unemployment rate of 22% according to Ministry and INE data, which means that 100,000 women survivors of gender violence without education are at risk of social exclusion.

Logo Ana BellaThere are 1,500,000 invisible women who do not access resources because they do not report what is happening to them. Thinking about them, in 2006 Ana Bella created the Ana Bella Foundation, a network of surviving women who help victims break the silence and start a happy life.

The most effective way for women to overcome violence is to favor their labor insertion in socially valued jobs. For this reason, at the Ana Bella School, surviving women at risk of social exclusion complete a Personalized Empowerment Itinerary that consists of specific professional training in sales, personal training to enhance their skills as victorious women and a job opportunity trampoline of face to the public as Brand Ambassadors.

The Ticketmaster collaboration

Throughout this month of November, the full amount collected through the solidary euros that Ticketmaster customers add to their basket, will go to the Ana Bella Foundation with the aim of offering training and job opportunities to Spanish women survivors of gender violence and that they are unemployed.

How can I collaborate?

Do you plan to buy a ticket for a concert, theater or sporting event in the coming days? If you do it through Ticketmaster, when you pay for the purchase you have made, you will have the opportunity to add a solidary euro to your basket and collaborate with the Ana Bella Foundation and collaborate with the labor insertion of women victims of gender violence.

Turn your ticket into solidarity with just one click!


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We remind you that, if you want, you can check the status of live collection, as well as get more information about Ana Bella and the project HERE.

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