Today is the International Food Day

Nearly 40 years ago, the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) designed the 16th of October as the  World Food Day with the aim of to raise awareness of society about the world food problem and promote solidarity against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Numbers confirm that the number of people suffering from hunger int the world is increasing, reaching 821 million people worldwide, that is, one in nine. In addition, FAO warns that more than 150 million children suffer from stunting due to the difficulty access to proper nutrition.

As you know, one of the causes that we support is to end hunger and malnutrition in the world, one of the Sustainable Developmnt Goals for 2030. There are many companies that through our widget contribute to eradicate famine in the world.

Some of them…?


  • sabadellBanco Sabadell employees can make a micro-donation by making a bank transparency from their ebanking and collaborate with Educo with the main objective that children  at risk of social exclusion receive, at least, a complete, healthy and balanced meal a day.  Did you know that in Spain more than 2 million children are at risk of poverty and suffer from malnutrition? The objective of the campaign is to ensure that children living at risk eat each day for a year in the cafeteria of their school through the program “Scholarships Comedor de Educo”. You can follow the project HERE.
  • planeta huertoThe customers of Planeta Huerto can add a solidarity euro to their shopping cart and collaborate with Save the Children so that 210 households in Mauritania that have lost their harvests due to the drought receive seeds to plant in the following season. The objective is to provide the necessary resources so that families can cope with the drought and lack of food that the country suffers for several years. You can follow the donation process of this project HERE.
  • bonpreuCustomers of Supermarkets “Bon Preu i Esclat” can exchange the money accumulated on their customer card and make a donation to “Nutrició Sense Fronteres“. The objective that has been proposed by the company is that 50 people who use the dining room that leads the entity can receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for a month. You can follow the project HERE.


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