Uvinum collaborates with the alphabetization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the third poorest country in the world; life expectancy doesn’t reach 50 years and children mortality sands at 19%. In addition, primary education is not free, so that less than 40% of children between 6 and 11 years can go to school.

inteRedIn front of this situation, InteRed, an NGO which is committed to a transformative education, which generates the active and committed participation of all people in favor of justice, gender equity and social and environmental sustainability, carries out various literacy and professional training projects in the city of Kinshasa

355After collaborating with Active Africa  in the construction of a water well in Malawi that will help to ensure the access to drinking water for its population, Uvinum customers have a new challenge: achieve an educational and social improvement of the child, youth and adult population in Kinshasa.

Thanks to the collaboration of Uvinum’s clients, 650 children and young people of Kinshasa will be able to improve their education by participating in the activities organized in the Karibuni Library.

Remember that, if you want, you can have more information or see the fundraising status by clicking THIS LINK.


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