Viena launches its 2nd campaign through Social Round Up

The new campaign, “Cent to cent, we make future”, invites to collaborate with Gasol Foundation when paying with card


LOGO VIENAAs you know, since the end of last year, all the customers of Viena that pay with card have the opportunity to round up the total amount of their purchase and donate their cents to a social cause. Until now, they have been collaborating in favor of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. In total, they have raised more than €235,000! This contribution will help the organization to implement a new Research Unit in the Prevention of Dementia, a pioneering project promoted by the same organization. From here, we would like to THANK all the “Viennese” people who have made it possible!

The new project: promote and support scientific research in the field of child health

logo_gasol_foundationViena launches a new social project this week. On this occasion, the objective is to collaborate with the Gasol Foundation to carry out a new study – called PASOS- that will help to know the habits and lifestyle of Spanish children and teenagers.

Did you know that 80% of young people doesn’t have a sufficient level of physical activity? (OMS 2018)

The results obtained from the PASOS study will help establish some lines of action for children’s health according to the reality and the identified needs, always with the objective of combating the sedentary lifestyle of children and the little physical activity.


We remind you that, if you want, you can get more information about this project and check the fundraising status through this link:

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