We start a new collaboration with Hawkers!

logo_hawkersWe have started the New Year with lots of good news! The first one is that Hawkers, the most famous online sun glasses brand that we know, has joined Worldcoo’s community! :)

So, if you’re thinking in buying a new glasses there, you’ll see that the company has included our charity widget at the end of their payment process.

logo_unoentrecienmilIt means that, from now on, Hawkers’ customers have the option to add1€ to their shopping basket and collaborate with the campaign  #FuckLeucemia, an iniciative created by Hawkers and Unoentrecienmil Foundation in order to fight against childhood leukemia.

How it works?

Once you have selected the product(s) you want to acquire, go to your shopping basket. You will see that under the selected product, you have the option to add 1 € solidarity to your purchase. If you wish to collaborate, click on the box and continue with the usual purchase process.


About the project

The campaign has an exceptional ambassador:  Julione, a graffiti artist of only 12 years of age who fights like a true hero against leukemia.





In Spain, 300 new cases of childhood leukemia are detected every year, almost one per day. Among others, the Fundación Unoentrecienmil periodically awards Research Grants so that renowned researchers in the country can investigate and end this disease.

The full amount collected by Hawkers clients will be used to support one of these Research Grants.

Through THIS LINK you can follow the donation process.

Worldcoo Team

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