World Cancer Day: We can. I can.

Today 4th of February is World Cancer Day, a day where all the world is awareness about a disease which this year will kill more than 8 million of people around the world. Today millions of people join against a disease that knows no boundaries and it claims more lives worldwide.

Cancer is a process of growth and uncontrolled expansion of cells. It can appear in practically everywhere of your body. Many kinds of cancer would be able to prevent avoiding body exposure to common risk factors, for example, to snuff smoke and sunshine.

Luckily, through surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy a big percentage of different kinds of cancer can be cured, especially, if the cancer is detected in an early stage. For this reason, the earlier prevention and detection are fundamental to finish with this disease.

The highest rates of mortality because of this disease are given by the lack of early detection of the disease and the difficulty people have in accessing to available treatments. For this, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) asks the government to urgently reaffirm their commitment with the following “essential measures” that can help to save lives:

  • Vaccine program implementation in order to prevent infections that cause cervical or liver cancer.
  • Have more access to early detection program, to cancer screening tests of cervical, breast or intestine and have a follow-up treatment.
  • Improvement of taxes, regulation and tobacco control.
  • Pain relief and palliative care to all cancer patients.


According to World Cancer Day, Cris Cancer Foundation has announced that this 2016 it is going to donate one million euros to research projects in different hospitals, centres or institutes because Cris Cancer Foundation believe that the research is the way to overcoming the disease.

Today’s society is ever more conscious about the fact that the research has an essential role in the eradication of cancer and they know that in Spain we are in the queue of investment. For this reason, people wants to donate their money to top projects having results in our country because cancer is a disease that involves everybody, most of us meet somebody who suffers this disease.”- Marta Cardona, director of Cris Cancer Foundation

From Worldcoo, we encourage you to collaborate with Cris Cancer Foundation to help to end with a disease that affects us all. One way to do that is donate 1€ each time you make a purchase in Dreivip (for more information about the project click here).

Under this year’s theme, “We can. I can” the World Cancer Day give the opportunity to reflect and thinking about what we want to do in order to commit us and take action. Go to and discover all the things WE CAN do and all the things I CAN do against cancer.

The Worldcoo team.

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