World Refugee Day

Every minute, 8 people leave everything they own behind to flee from persecution, horror or war. On June 20th World Refugee Day was celebrated and we want to show how the situation has impacted millions of people worldwide.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), on December 4th, 2000, declared the 20th of June, World Refugee Day.

World Refugee Day

According to UNHCR, in the last year, there are 60 million people that have been displaced by force, meaning 20 million people who are refugees and more than a half are children. 55% of these refugee come from countries that are affected by warlike conflicts or violent situations. These countries are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Somalia
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • South Sudan

The high Commissioner of UNHCR, António Guterres, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, issued the following statement:

“World stability is falling apart leaving a wake of displacement on an unprecedented scale. Global powers have become either passive observers or distant players in the conflicts driving so many innocent civilians from their homes.”

Unfortunately, humanitarian organizations help people that live in crisis and they have few resources for refugees, to the point that some countries are closing their doors to people that need a home.

“Borders are closing, pushbacks are increasing, and hostility is rising. Avenues for legitimate escape are fading away. And humanitarian organizations like mine run on shoestring budgets, unable to meet the spiraling needs of such a massive population of victims.” Said António Guterres.

UNHCR differs from other humanitarian agents because they provide international protection to the refugees that don’t have protection for their governments. Their aim is defend all displaced person’s rights such as woman, children,  elderly and disabled people. Their mission is to join them with their families and to protect them from sexual exploitation, violence and military recruitment. Afterthey offer them things to help them rebuild, for example, an education, training and health services.

Nowadays, we want to fund an UNHCR project that has the aim of identifying and treating malnutrition and food insecurity that affect refugee children. Thanks to the solidarity of mequedouno users, we will be able to fund 100% of the project soon.

The current situation for all of these people is very hard, therefore, any small type of  help for them will be very important and relevant. Together we can help to improve their quality of life.

The Worldcoo team.

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