Worldcoo has been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity

  • “EslaIniciativa” is a project by the Business and Society Foundation, which recognizes acts of corporate social engagements.
  • The social commitment of Worldcoo is twofold because it is a social enterprise itself and also promotes support and aid for other activities. Thanks to our fundraising activities, together with business e-commerce and its users, Worldcoo has already improved the lives of over 12,242 people.


We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the “esLaInciativa” award from e-commerce companies solidarity by the  spanish Business and Society Foundation. This award has two sides. On the one hand, it recognizes our work of starting the e-commerce sector in the management of corporate social responsibility policies and to promote solidarity among consumers online. On the other hand, we at Worldcoo are a social enterprise that meets the ethical needs of Social Bussiness and follows in the footsteps of other similar models operating in the Netherlands, UK and USA, where the company reinvests 70% of its potential benefits to other social projects or R & D.

Sergi Figueres, CEO of Worldcoo explains, “this recognition provides additional momentum for companies of e-commerce to decide to join the initiative and generate a more positive social impact and more donations directed to the beneficiaries”. To date, thanks to the solidarity of all consumers in online shopping, we have directly benefited and improved the lives of 12,242 people thank you to everone who has enabled these projects to become a reality.

The “Initiative” is a collaborative project supported by the Friends of Business and Society, which recognizes acts of social commitment from employers that will inspire increased support for companies to disadvantaged people.

The other winners were project “Attention, the new poverty” by Cecot which has managed to improve the employment of over 200 people struggling to meet their basic needs; ´FamilyApp´ chain, “esLaIniciativa” an everyday savings services for those who donate to NGOs and agency photographers Us, Why Not, “esLaIniciativa” for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The Apsuria Foundation, which provides special education services, day centers and residence for people with serious disabilities, all gathered to the event held last November 13th in Madrid.

The jury formed of Ander Bilbao, founder and CEO of Grupo Sörensen; Cipri Quintas, entrepreneur (Silk & Soya); Francisco García Molina, director of various companies and chairman of the Apsuria Foundation; José María Irisarri, president of Oz Partners; Javier Rosino, principal partner ActiveCompass and Francisco Abad, managing partner of ABest social innovation.

The social impact of Worldcoo, in less than 1year
In less than a year after the launch of the widget, more than 10 e-commerce have already joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, Mequedouno .com, Verticomm Network -Uvinum, Mascotic … –,,, Due to this positive social impact, we have funded 10 projects from which there were over 12,242 direct beneficiaries. Many thanks to the 14,200 donations from 35 different countries which raised €28,000. We also have 7 open projects. Currently is supporting and in two months has exceeded 62% of the project funding for ´Dining Scholarship´ which aims to subsidize 1,600 meals to children in poverty., meanwhile, supports research for Sanfilippo Syndrome, an ultra-rare disease that causes premature death of those affected when they reach 15 to 20 years old; and LetsBonus, continuing to support affected achondroplasia (dwarfism).


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