Worldcoo closes its first financing round and joins the BStartup programme

As announced last November, Banco Sabadell has already selected the first five companies that, over the course of the next 6 months, will benefit from the high-performance BStartup 10 programme. Through the programme, the bank will invest 100,000 euros in each of them, to be split between direct financial investment and a growth programme coordinated by renowned technological entrepreneur Dídac Lee.

BStartup 10 is coordinatedby the BStartup business department, through which Banco Sabadell makes available to technological entrepreneurs a series of products and services specifically adapted to their needs, as well as a network of 67 branches with staff specialised in this type of company.

Apart from Worldcoo, the other four companies selected in this first round are Enigmedia, Red PointsSetpay and Trendipia.


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