Worldcoo Launches the stamp “E-commerce with a Cause”

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All e-commerce companies that have integrated our widget to transform their online shopping purchases in solidarity receive the stamp of E-commerce with Worldcoo´s Cause. This label attesting to their social commitment and the desire to create a positive social impact alongside its users with all the guarantees of the fundraising campaign run by Worldcoo.
With the seal, Worldcoo guarantees:

  • Including a 100% secure technology in solidarity donation widget developed by technological equipment from Worldcoo.
  • The rigorous selection and auditing of all projects by a team at Worldcoo and the network of 21 ambassadors we have in 11 countries worldwide and managing international projects.
  • The traceability of every dollar donated, with the completion of monitoring and relevant verification.
  • The social commitment of e-commerce and generating a positive social impact alongside its users.

!Become an E-commerce with a Cause!
Only e-commerce that meet these regulations may obtain the stamp and become an E-commerce with a Cause with the utmost confidence for their users.Worldcoo was born with the mission of generating a positive social impact and providing a solution to the lack of public funding of NGOs. The e-commerce industry and NGOs collective solidarity allows the new system of solidarity crowd funding.  The e-commerce industry will grow at an unstoppable pace in 2015, at around 20%. The involvement to generate a positive social impact can be instrumental to realize many social and cooperative projects that otherwise would have been impossible due to a lack of resources. These provide visibility to projects and social causes and foster collaborative solidarity among its members.

Our E-commerce with a Cause
In less than a year of activity since the launch of our widgets, more than 10 e-commerces have joined the bandwagon of CSR thanks to the micro-donations of its members (, , Network Verticomm -Uvinum, Mascotic … -,,,,,; have funded more than 10 projects with 16,000 donors who have contributed almost 30,000 € and have benefited over 11,800 people directly.
From Worldcoo we hope that the community of ´e-commerce with a cause´ continues to grow to generate a much greater positive social impact.


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