Worldcoo shares its experiences in Barcelona Activa

Yesterday, Tuesday 26th of February, Aureli Bou presented Worldcoo as part of the conference ‘Crowdfunding: innovative financing alternatives’, in Barcelona Activa.

Barcelona Activa periodically organizes training activities to help companies in finding and securing funding. Yesterday was the time to talk about crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, as we have already published, is a funding system based on collective small donations to specific business projects. It is becoming an alternative system in front of the conventional funding systems, and this is why many start-ups have recently born to work with it. Around 80 people from different fields, companies but also people interested in start-ups, were listening.

Jaume Baró, chief operating from Barcelona Activa was the responsible of welcome the assistants. After that, Javier Martín, editor from, referent blog about start-ups, as well as Plenummedia social media Director, did a conference about crowdfunding, under the title of “How can this new financing system help your company”.

Two major Catalan companies working with crowdfunding also shared there experiences in front of the audience. The first one was Verkami, born in 2010 with the hope to find funding for creativity, art and research projects. It has now more than 90,000 fans and over 70% of projects have achieved the necessary financing platform to more than 3 million. The following was The Crowd Angel, the first online platform which allows people invest in a range of professional technology and innovative start-ups. They have raised more than 600,000 euros by the projects they have in the platform.

Then, new active cowdfunding platforms in the city presented their projects. Was the turn of: Bihoop, Arboribus, Megafounder, Mynbest, Projeggt, Seed & Click and Puentis.

Worldcoo closured this meeting. Aureli Bou share in front of the audience what is Worldcoo and how together we can do big things.

For Worldcoo was an honour being part of this meeting, surrounded of all this important companies.

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