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Access to water in Agraharam village

Andhra Pradesh - Indien

Andhra Pradesh is the second most arid state in India after Rajasthan, with an average annual rainfall of 940 mm. These weather conditions affect agriculture that is the livelihood of nearly 80% of the population.

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Fundación Vicente Ferrer


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Since 1969, when FVF implemented its Ecological Development Plan in the state of Andhra Pradesh, it has managed to save, multiply and share the natural, agricultural and livestock resources of the area. The soil conservation projects have slowed erosion and delayed the desertification, it has doubled croplands production, reforestation has improved the flora and it has achieved replenish underground aquifers.

The construction of water structures - such as dams - provides to the farming communities serenity and security of knowing that they will be able to cope with drought seasons and prevent emergencies.

Project to building a dam that will feed a total of 21 surface wells, 2 open wells, and 2 drinking water wells. The collected water will enable irrigate a total of 49.17 hectares, benefiting 215 families in this village.


Construction of a dam with a storage capacity of 54,430 m3 to collect water from a stream near the village, the Chakali Vanka.


Wer wird begünstigt?

1.068 members of the 203 farming families who live in the village and who will benefit from the positive impact of the construction of the dam.


Improve the availability of water resources to meet agricultural and livestock needs of farmers and their families at Agraharam village, district of Anantapur, India.

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