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Bicycles for Education


The Bicycles for Education project in Palmarin (Senegal) wants to fill this small corner of the world with pedals.

Finanziert dank:
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  • Finanzierte Gesamtsumme
    • SantaFixie Kunden 135€
    • Geldmittel der NRO 1.865€
  • Direkte Empfänger 25

    Diejenigen Personen, die auf natürliche Art direkt von den im Projekt ausgeführten Aktionen begünstigt wurden.

  • Indirekte Empfänger 200

    Diejenigen identifizierbaren Personen, die einen potentiellen Effekt von den im Projekt durchgeführten Aktionen erfahren.

Bicicletas sin fronteras


  • Materialien 2.000€
  • Gesamt 2.000€


Bicycles without Borders (Bicicletas sin Fronteras) is an organization that provides bicycles to people with no resources so they can travel to school or to their work place.

The bicycle is a means of access to education and job creation for those who find it harder to find a job, and a mobility tool for people without resources.

The Bicycles for Education project is carried out jointly with the rural community of Palmarin and the Lluís Llach Foundation to deliver bicycles to the students from the Palmarin-Facao Institute and create jobs for the building and maintenance of bicycles.


  • Give bicycles to Palmarin students so they can move to school.
  • Create jobs through a mechanical workshop.
  • Carry out the maintenance of the delivered bicycles

Wer wird begünstigt?

With your help, 25 children and young people from 8 to 17 years of age in Palmarín, Senegal, can go to school thanks to these bikes.


Reduce the time and cost of travel for Palmarin students.

Improve the academic performance of children through cycling.

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