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Collaborate for a healthy diet for children


Many vulnerable people are being affected by this social crisis generated by COVID-19. Food is a basic need that can be affected given the situation of economic and social fragility that families suffer. So is hygiene, especially in children.

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In order to guarantee a healthy and balanced diet for children and basic hygiene, Red Cross Catalunya has launched the Red Cross Respon Plan and the following aid programs for families at risk of vulnerability:

  • Food cards for children so that vulnerable families can buy fresh, healthy and varied food for their children in a normalized way through a 100€ preloaded card.
  • Basic food basket for families to have access to basic food lots.
    • 1-2 people: 50€
    • 3-4 people: 100€
    • More than 4 people: 150€
  • Early childhood lots so families can have basic necessities such as baby food (continuation milks, porridge, jars, etc.), diapers and baby hygiene kits (wipes, moisturizer, diaper change cream , shampoo, etc.)
    • Baby food kits (46 € / kit)
    • Diapers (32 € / 4 u)
    • Baby hygiene kits (7 € / kit)


  • Help to satisfy basic needs:
    • Food cards
    • Basic food baskets
    • Early childhood lots
  • Raise awareness about healthy eating habits, especially aimed at people in a vulnerable situation with tips and recipes for buying and preparing food in a healthy and economical way.

Wer wird begünstigt?

Vulnerable families before the COVID-19 crisis and families who during this social emergency have been doomed to vulnerability. They will receive aid to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for children and basic hygiene for their children.


  • Facilitate access to healthy food for children and young people in situations of extreme vulnerability.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities in access to healthy, balanced and varied food and basic hygiene.
  • Avoid stigmatization and discrimination against children and young people for economic reasons.
  • Facilitate a diet that provides the minimum necessary nutrients for the proper development and growth of children so that they reach the best conditions in adulthood.
  • Encourage healthy eating and hygiene habits that allow them to develop properly.
  • Accompany, with volunteers, families to develop their own skills and tools to get out of their crisis situation.

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