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Combating child malnutrition thanks to vegetable gardens

Djelibani - Mali

Women's management of gardens represents a strategy for food security, and plays a very important role in the economy and family subsistence.

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Casa de Mali


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In Mali, vegetable gardens are shared by all the people of the village and exploited by women. Their products are the sustenance of the families, reason why it becomes a point of vital importance, source of its feeding. In addition, the garden is also a source of resources, since women can sell a part of their products in the market.

In Djelibani (600 people), the vegetable garden that exists today is too small, only the older women cultivate it for deference to their age and does not supply the needs of the village. Different vegetables are cultivated in very bad conditions according to the seeds available, and women's horticulture knowledge is scarce. Because of this, the yield is very low and therefore has a negative influence on the nutrition of the children and the village.

With this project, Casa de Mali aims to increase the production of vegetables, improving the structure of the garden and providing new technology for cultivation.


  • Elaboration of a fencing for the vegetable garden.
  • Installation of pipelines for water and fountains.
  • Training of women for the production of compost or bio fertilizer.

Wer wird begünstigt?

With 2,000€, the existing vegetable garden can be expanded, and 20 women will receive agricultural training to improve productivity.


To improve the balance of nutrition, which contributes to a reduction of child malnutrition and a health improvement of the population of the area.

Increase family income.

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