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End fuel poverty

Barcelona - Spanien

The hight light prices increment, the income reduction of families and the low quality of some houses,  has caused that families in our environment are living without electricity or water or gas, and their physical and mental health is getting worse.

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Although the gas and light are basic resources for a decent life, more and more people are unable to meet their basic needs such as cooking, illuminated, preserving food, have hot water... There are people who is suffering the consequences of fuel poverty.
For this reason, ABD and Asociación Ecoserveis have driven the project to fight against poverty energy for the most vulnerable groups to avoid the consequences on health, the economy and welfare through a program of training and outreach to increase energy efficiency in the homes, seize the role of people as informed consumers and encourage saving strategies on invoices.


  • Avoid cutting the power supply, optimize bills, and give advise on measures of protection that can accommodate families in situations of social vulnerability.
  • Purchase and distribute kits against fuel poverty for families in situations of social vulnerability. (The kit includes LED bulbs, weather stripping on windows and doors, insulation material blinds, radiator reflector, aerators, thermometer and hygrometer, among others.)

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12 families will have access to basic services such as electricity and gas thanks to the collaboration of LetsBons ususers


Improving the energy efficiency of households in fuel poverty and social vulnerability.

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