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End Homelessness


"There are 31,000 people homeless in Spain."

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Habitat is the housing program with RAIS support for people who live on the street and are in a bad situation. It is based on the Housing First methodology, which offers an innovative response to the phenomenon of homelessness and is geared towards eradication.

Habitat provides the people with individual housing and professional support according to their needs and demands. Neither the support nor the permanence in the housing are conditioned to the fulfilment of previous objectives of social intervention, since it is the person who determines their goals and the degree of support, they need to achieve them. The program requires the follow-up of some basic commitments, such as accepting the regular visit of a professional, contributing to housing expenses if income is available, having good neighbourly relations and participating in the external evaluation of the program.

RAIS serves more than 6,800 people thanks to this program along with other projects.


  • Attend to people in their homes.
  • Provide psychological support and facilitate their social integration.
  • Perform a continuous follow-up of each person.

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5 people will have access to a stable home in the 161 homes that RAIS offers in: Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga, Alicante, Arona, Aviles, Cordoba, Coslada, Gipuzkoa, Móstoles, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.


Facilitate access to housing for people who live and sleep on the street, as a solution to this problem.

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