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Help vulnerable families during Covid-19


The COVID-19 crisis has increased the number of vulnerable people who have difficulties covering their basic food needs. The different Food Banks are doing essential work to guarantee the right to food of families and other groups at risk of social exclusion. With your help, you will be able to collaborate with your closest Food Bank to feed families in vulnerable situations in your environment.

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Federación española de bancos de alimentos


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Since the emergence of COVID-19, Food Bank have had to act quickly in order to adapt their operations and respond to a growing demand of food from social entities. The current health emergency is compounded by a social emergency, in which many families have difficulty covering their basic needs. This is the reason why Food Bank do not stop and continue to work against the clock with the aim of helping to guarantee the right to food of the most vulnerable people in our environment. For this reason, EROSKI wants to collaborate with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks so that families at risk of social exclusion in our closest environment can have their basic food and hygiene needs covered.


The Food Banks are non-profit social entities, based on volunteering and their objective is to redistribute the food surpluses of the companies free of charge among those who need it (thus avoiding food waste) and the food donations they receive.

The activities they carry out are:

  • Store and classify the food recovered and collected by the Bank to distribute it among the most needy.
  • Distribute to different social entities that mainly serve families in poverty as well as other groups at risk of social exclusion.

Wer wird begünstigt?

The Spanish Federation of Food Banks, a non-profit association created in 1996, coordinates the activities of the 54 Food Banks of Spain. In 2019, they distributed more than 144.5 million kilos that reached 1.1 million vulnerable and needy people, through a network of more than 7,200 charitable institutions, and all this thanks to the efforts of 3,211 permanent volunteers.

This campaign of the EROSKI Solidarity Cents program will help feed families in poverty and other groups at risk of social exclusion that the Food Banks help in each province in which our stores are located.


Collaborate in the fight against poverty and social exclusion through the Food Banks of each province where our stores are located.

With the donations received, the Food Banks will be able to purchase and distribute food among families and vulnerable groups especially affected by the social crisis of COVID-19.

Aktualisierungen und Links

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