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Help homeless dogs not go hungry!

Cheste - Spanien

The feeding of dogs supposes a very high expense for animal shelters.

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Fundación Jadoul


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  • Gesamt 2.000€


In 2017, a total of 104,447 dogs and 33,335 cats were collected by the animal shelters in Spain, according to recent studies on abandonment. From this situation arises the reason of being of the Jadoul Foundation: to help animals that are in a situation of neglect, abuse and / or abandonment, especially dogs and cats.

In the Jadoul Foundation they attend more than 170 dogs daily. While waiting to be adopted, their priority is to give them a decent life with food, hygiene, outings to recreation, veterinary care and a lot of love.


  • Supply food for the correct feeding of all the dogs of the refuge of the Jadoul Foundation.
  • Supply the food to each of the dogs daily in their corresponding bowls, except in the case of sick dogs, puppies or elderly dogs, who will receive their special food.

Wer wird begünstigt?

With your help, 170 homeless dogs can be fed for a month and a half.


Cover the basic food needs of the more than 170 dogs of the Jadoul Foundation for a month and a half.

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