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Integration of children with cerebral palsy

Madrid - Spanien

With your help, we are going to fund the smart automation of the Fundación Bobath school so that the children there can be self-sufficient.

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Fundación Bobath


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People with cerebral palsy suffer from a sensory/motor condition that affects their posture and movement, as well as the organisation of the various sensory systems throughout the body. It is caused by an injury or non-degenerative brain disorder.

Fundación Bobath provides comprehensive support and education for people with cerebral palsy throughout their life, in order to help them lead as normal a life as possible. To do so, they use a multi-disciplinary approach based on the Bobath philosophy.


With your contribution, Bobath Foundation College of Special Education will be outfitted with environment automation technology.

This technological adaptation allow people with cerebral palsy perform numerous actions to act autonomously, without the need to be always accompanied by other persons performing the action for them, this project for environmental control contemplated that all students in the school can control all the necessary elements for their movements as windows, spotlights, elevator, telephone, etc.

Wer wird begünstigt?

The automation of this school is a great opportunity to teach students to develop and make the right moves to use properly this domotic technology, integrating these new actions in their daily lives, taking the opportunity to improve their abilities, skills, and develop the potential of their students.


Automate Bobath Foundation School to allow children to improve their autonomy and enable them to complete daily actions like opening the door, turn on the light, use the elevator...

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