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Labor insertion of women in India


In India, 21% of the population lives below the poverty line, with a daily income of less than $1.90 (PNDU 2016).

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Fundación Vicente Ferrer


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India is one of the economic powers with the highest growth in recent years. However, wealth in the macroeconomic environment has not meant an equitable distribution among its people. Especially serious is the situation of women, who are subjected to various types of discrimination in all areas of life.

Inequality is even more accentuated in rural areas. With little or no education, without specific skills or economic resources, women have no decision-making power over their own lives and are easy victims of violence and exploitation in all its facets. To reverse this situation, it is necessary to offer them the tools for their own development towards autonomy and a just social position.

With this project, Vicente Ferrer Foundation wants to train 40 women with an unfavorable socioeconomic condition who have suffered gender violence, are widows or have been abandoned. The objective is to promote their autonomy and empowerment through training in the production and marketing of herbal-based phenol (an antiseptic and disinfectant product), because there is a stable demand for this product in the local market.


  • Train 40 women in the production of herbal phenols.
  • Carry out marketing workshops.
  • Create a production unit of herbal phenols in the Kokkanti Cross region.
  • Acquire all the materials and equipment necessary for the training and production of natural phenol.

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With your help, 40 women who have suffered gender violence, are widowed or have been abandoned can improve their autonomy and empowerment, which will promote their social inclusion and improve their quality of life.


Promote the social inclusion of marginalized rural women and improve their quality of life, through the generation of regular income.

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