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No child without food this Christmas


80% of Venezuelan households live in a situation of food insecurity. The most affected are children and pregnant women.

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Alimenta La Solidaridad


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Since 2015 Venezuela is going through a humanitarian emergency that has severely jeopardized the right to food of its inhabitants and especially of the most vulnerable communities. 80% of Venezuelan households live in a situation of food insecurity due to the closure of establishments, the scarcity and cost of food and the difficulties in cooking due to lack of water, gas and electricity.

The most affected are children and pregnant women as long as the lack of nutrients in the first years of life represents a threat to the growth and physical and mental development of the new generations.

Alimenta la Solidaridad is an organization created to feed children with difficulties to access food in different low-income sectors of Venezuela. Together with parents, representatives and neighbors, the children most affected by the food crisis are identified and a nutritious lunch is held in collaboration with them, so that children can have at least one adequate meal at day.

Aimenta la solidaridad guarantees a daily meal to 12,000 children, being this meal many times the only one they take in the day. With the help of several nutritionists, a nutritious menu was created that can provide all the necessary nutrients to allow them a healthy physical, cognitive and intellectual development. In this way, they will help ensure a healthy development.


  • Provide a daily meal from Monday to Friday, to the children and pregnant and lactating mothers of each dining room.
  • Provide a glass of milk to each child so they have more energy for the weekend, since it is not known if they will eat anything during those two days.

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The diet of 3,700 children will be improved. 


Reduce food insecurity suffered by many families in Venezuela, providing a healthy meal for children and thus promoting their health and proper development.

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