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Nutritional care for widowed or abandoned women

Anantapur, Andra Pradesh - Indien

Discrimination against Indian women begins even before birth, and is aggravated if they belong to an excluded group, or are poor, disabled or widowed.

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Fundación Vicente Ferrer


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India is a country where gender violence is deeply present in all stages of women's lives. These must face various problems such as forced marriages of girls, infanticide, deceit, rape, sexual harassment, prostitution, dowry or physical and verbal violence, among others. When they are widowed, they are separated from society and live in a situation of abandonment.

With this project, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation will provide nutritional care and counseling to widowed or abandoned women, residents of the district of Anantapur, with children in their care and who are in school.

They will be provided with support and help to deal with the violence and / or discrimination they suffer, offering them support and counseling and mediating to find suitable solutions.


  • Distribution of nutritional packages.
  • Awareness and counseling workshops for women.
  • Awareness-raising and training workshops for leaders (at village level).
  • Health Checkups and Checkups for Women.
  • Advice for women.
  • Promotion of the education of their sons and daughters.

Wer wird begünstigt?

With 4.000€, 27 widowed or abandoned women will receive a nutritional package that includes rice, wheat, legumes, millet and oil for a year.


To improve the situation of widowed or abandoned women in rural Andhra Pradesh who suffer from gender-based violence and discrimination, facilitating their inclusion, integration and empowerment.

To provide nutritional care and counseling.

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