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Out of sight, not out of mind

Maputo - Mosambik

The vast majority of eye diseases could be treated simply by the knowledge and skills of a trained ophthalmologist. In fact, most of them are easily cured in Europe, but in Mozambique they become chronic due to the lack of available professionals.

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In Mozambique, there are more than 150.000 blind people with an additional 500.000 with eye problems and a healthcare system with only 8 native Ophthalmologists for the whole country.
50% of the cases of child blindness could be easily prevented by a minimum healthcare.
The WHO (World Health Organisation) in their 2020 program, aims to eliminate preventable blindness in the world by proposing courses of action against various eye diseases.
In recent years the contribution from Catalunya towards international cooperation has decreased by 70%. It has been part of the largest cost‐cutting in history and it does not even reach the 0,03% of the Gross National income, according to the report 'La realidad de la ayuda 2011', presented by the NPO `Intermón‐Oxfam’.
Cooperation is the area of Catalan government’s public policy which has suffered the largest cost‐cutting. Since 2010, the Cooperation Catalan agency reduced its budget from 49 million euros down to 15 million euros by 2012.


  • Training of 7 ophthalmologists and 30 technicians. The training given in Mozambique is 90% practical complimented by clinical sessions and case studies. 
  • The Central Hospital of Maputo will book appointments for the patients with the most severe cases which are directly related to the specialty of that particular training session. The first step is to visit these patients with the trainees, followed by planning all the preparatory tests required and then finally book them for a surgery later in the day.
  • 25 to 40 surgeries will be done. The surgery is performed in the presence of the trainees.

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7 local Ophthalmologists and 30 technicians (opticians) will each benefit from a 2 week training course. In addition, more than 80 patients’ visual problems are cared for, with 25 to 40 of them undergoing surgery. All of these activities are carried out in the main hospital of the country, the Central Hospital of Maputo.


  • Improve life conditions and health coverage in Mozambique.
  • Give an ophthalmological training to Mauputo's Hospital medical staff. 
  • Prevent further eye diseases.

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