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Access to orthopaedic and trauma surgeon for children in Gaza

Palästinensische Autonomiegebiete

1.8 million people live in the Gaza Strip, making it one of the most densely populated areas in the world. 70% of them live in 8 refugee camps. 11 years of blockade and hostilities have destroyed basic infrastructure, service delivery, livelihoods and coping mechanism. Electricity, drugs, medical material, and trained staff are all scarce in the Strip. Furthermore, lack of access to the area is a constant barrier to healthcare.

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Médicos del Mundo


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Palestine has been under protracted occupation for over 50 years. The situation in the country is marked by a systematic denial of human rights and continuing conflict, often escalating in outbreaks of violence, blockages, and restrictions.

Doctors of the World is working in Gaza to prepare healthcare facilities for emergency situations and to guarantee access and specialized medical and surgical treatment to the children and youth population with traumatic and orthopedic conditions.

A team of Doctors of the World formed by a surgeon and a child orthopedic orthopedic surgeon, an anesthetist, a nurse and an interpreter, travel to the Nasser hospital, in the city of Khan Yunnis, to visit and operate children affected by malformations. In total, more than 40 operations will be performed, for which medication, surgical material, prostheses, etc. are required.


  • Intervene and visit children affected by malformations caused by bombings, accidents, etc.
  • Train the medical and health teams of the hospital in specialized treatments.
  • Buy and deliver medications and the medical-surgical equipment necessary to carry out the scheduled surgical interventions and provide the basic supplies to prevent the risk of infections.

Wer wird begünstigt?

Girls, children and young people with malformations, congenital pathologies and functional disabilities of traumatological origin that hinder their normal development, that requires quality specialized medical care and that are not being attended by the public health system in the Gaza Strip.


Give access to children and adolescents affected by malformations caused by bombings, accidents, etc. to a child trauma operation that improves their quality of life.


Médicos del Mundo erfüllt die 9 Prinzipien der Transparenz und guten Praktiken, die von der Lealtad Foundation analysiert werden, vollständig.

Fundacion Lealtad

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