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Rebuilding Young lives


Almost 3 million children in Uganda are orphaned and robbed of their childhoods. Help us to support young orphaned adolescent girls gain access to education and regain their childhoods.

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Chance for childhood


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A childhood shouldn’t be spent on the streets, or in a war zone, or working in a field. It shouldn’t be spent imprisoned at home by disability and the stigma that surrounds it.  It should be spent in school, and a nurturing, safe home environment. 
Yet many children are robbed of their childhood by disability, conflict or extreme poverty.

Chance for Childhood helps local communities to protect their children and give them the chance of a proper childhood. One such example is our Rebuilding Young lives project, which currently supports hundreds of orphaned children living in child-headed households in northern Uganda, a region that has been devastated by almost two decades of conflict.

Chance for Childhood provides orphaned families with a combination of physical inputs such as livestock and seeds, training in agribusiness and parenting as well as the daily support from an appointed and trusted community mentor, who acts as a foster parent to the children.

The “adult” of the family is almost always an adolescent girl, of between 15 and 18 years, who has no choice but to stay at home because they live too far away from the nearest school and they have no means of transportation. Bikes can be a life changer for these young girls, ensuring that they are no longer excluded from learning and can travel to the nearest school or Youth Centre. The bike also serves to ensure they can transport their goods to market, take their siblings to school and perhaps most importantly reach the hospital and medical supplies when a younger sibling becomes critically ill. In an area severely affected by malaria, a simple item such as a bike can really make the difference between life and death.


  • The distribution of bicycles to orphaned girls to travel to school and access the local market to sell their goods, as well as pick up medical supplies, HIV medication and other essential prevention medication from the nearest medical facility.
  • The empowerment of young girls to take control of their own lives.

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25 orphaned girls living in child-headed households will be now be able to travel to school to pursue their studies. With an education, these girls will have a greater chance of securing employment after they graduate. 


To provide the chance for young orphaned adolescent girls to regain their childhoods, access education and better care for their younger siblings.

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