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Refugee Crisis in Serbia

Sid, Presevo/Miratovac - Serbien und Montenegro

The Syrian displacement crisis is spreading and deepening. As the barrel bombs, massacres, air strikes and mortars continue inside Syria, aid is drying up and living conditions in neighboring countries are toughening. About 10,000 refugees are in Serbia, according to recent reports. They face harsh conditions -freezing temperatures and a shortage of aid and shelter.

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We are facing the biggest refugee and migration crisis since the Second World War. In response to this, Oxfam started a new humanitarian program in Serbia to help some of the thousands fleeing to safety, including many Syrians, who will soon face a Balkans winter with few resources to cope. Oxfam works in the top nine countries of origin for refugees around the world as well as countries like Lebanon and Jordan which border Syria.

Oxfam is in Serbia working to provide an immediate response to the humanitarian needs. There are major gaps in terms of drinking water, hygiene, and health care. And it is also a need for protection for the most vulnerable people, including families with small children and unaccompanied minors and access to information and legal advice.

Oxfam has a flexible response to react to changing needs, this is an unprecedented situation and no one really knows what is going to happen from one day to the next. As borders are closed and government responses change so do the routes the people choose to take, so the needs in each location are changing. Oxfam is ready to move to new locations and respond to the daily realities faced by people traveling through the Western Balkan countries.


Oxfam is distributing materials to help those who have reached Serbia to cope with the coming winter. They are focusing in Šid, near the border with Croatia, Dimitrovgrad near the border with Bulgaria and in Preševo/Miratovac, near the Macedonia border. They are providing toilets, showers and water points.

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With €2,000, 154 families will recieve hygiene kits and blankets to cope with the cold weather.


Providing water, hygiene essentials and shelter to thousands of refugees who have been forced to leave families, homes, jobs and communities in fear of their lives.

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