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Research against childhood cancer


Childhood cancer is random, unpredictable and attacks the most vulnerable people.

It is a different disease from adult cancer. Practically not investigated because there is 1 case in children for 200 adults and its research is not profitable.

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Orde Hospitalari Sant Joan de Déu


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Each year about 1,200 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed throughout Spain.

Cancers that affect children, adolescents and young adults have nothing to do with cancers that affect adults. Children do not have lung cancer, or colon cancer, or breast cancer, which are cancers of aging and degeneration of our cells. Children and adolescents have alterations that are linked to the opposite process: the process of growth and development of the human being. That is why we speak of cancer of development: it is the cancer of formation, of the generation of new cells. It is a set of many different diseases, very infrequent.

The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital has a child cancer research laboratory with a team of 35 professionals. The lines of research are focused on those solid tumors or leukemias that have a worse prognosis of cure or those for which oncologists still have a great ignorance.

The research projects that are carried out aim to answer the questions posed by oncologists when treating children suffering from these diseases. This is what is known as translational research, focused on transferring scientific advances to the patient as soon as possible. The research group offers the best techniques of molecular diagnosis and prognosis of the disease, at the same time that works in the development of new therapies, more effective, less aggressive and more personalized for children suffering from cancer.


  • Research on different types of childhood cancer, including neuroblastoma, leukemia and Ewing's sarcoma.

Wer wird begünstigt?

Children suffering from cancer can benefit from new therapies against the disease, more effective and less aggressive.

With your help, a patient in relapse or failure of the standard protocol can receive a personalized treatment of precision therapy.


Develop new therapies, more effective and less aggressive, for children suffering from cancer, thus improving their evolution and prognosis.

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