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Sheltering Hearts

Madrid - Spanien

The Business Planning and BI management team of Telefónica Spain respond to the challenge of "Sheltering Hearts" proposed by the Fundación Telefónica in the hands of the NGO "Mensajeros de la Paz".

Finanziert dank:
  • Spender
  • Finanzierte Gesamtsumme
    • Telefónica Kunden 9.950€
  • Direkte Empfänger 140

    Diejenigen Personen, die auf natürliche Art direkt von den im Projekt ausgeführten Aktionen begünstigt wurden.

  • Indirekte Empfänger 300

    Diejenigen identifizierbaren Personen, die einen potentiellen Effekt von den im Projekt durchgeführten Aktionen erfahren.

Asociación Mensajeros de la paz


  • Materialien 9.950€
  • Gesamt 9.950€


The NGO "Mensajeros de la Paz", with Father Ángel at the forefront, works to improve the reality of the most vulnerable groups in the society. Through the challenge "Sheltering hearts" we will be able to learn about the work carried out by the NGO, disseminate it and collaborate:

  • In the care of homeless people who need blankets.
  • In attention to families without resources who need to fill the pantry with fresh food.
  • In the area of communication, they need to provide a video that shows the work of the NGO.
  • In their soup kitchens that need volunteers to lend a hand.


  • Pick up blankets, which will include a message for the homeless person who receives it.
  • Negotiate with companies in the food sector.
  • Organize activities to raise funds to compare fresh foods: raffle/ solidary bidding, solidarity sandwiches, flea market, homemade solidarity breakfasts, elaboration and sale of felt brooches and artisan fair products, sale and design of solidarity bracelets and portable stickers for laptops, sporting event, solidarity afterwork ...
  • Participate as volunteers in the breakfasts and dinners organized by the NGO to attend homeless people.
  • Make a professional video (recording, editing and editing) that shows the work of NGOs to help them and help us spread the wonderful work they do.

Wer wird begünstigt?

Volunteers who participate in the experience of collaborating in breakfasts and dinners are taking a unique experience.

All the homeless people who come to shelter with open hearts to eat at San Antón and Robin Hood restaurants.

All the members of the 40 families that will be able to fill their refrigerators with meats, fish and fresh products that due to their situation they cannot acquire.

The children of these families between 4 and 15 years old, who, if we manage to overcome all the phases of the challenge, will be the beneficiaries of the Fundación Telefónica prize of a digital training and leisure camp. They could not access this education without our help.


  • Be aware of the reality of the homeless and collect a minimum of 100 blankets.
  • Providing 3,000 kg of fresh food (meat, fish, fruit ...) for 40 families without resources.
  • Participate as volunteers in the distribution of breakfasts in the Parish of San Antón and dinners in the dining room "Robin Hood".
  • Facilitating the dissemination of the work of the NGO "Messengers of Peace" through the implementation.

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