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Smiles in the operating rooms


A surgery can be disturbing and traumatic in the eyes of children. The performance of the Pallapupas opens a door to positivity and relaxation.

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Research suggests that the prevention and control of anxiety and stress in childhood surgery are very useful, since they may involve a reduction in pain, fewer postoperative complications and greater postoperative physical recovery.

Pallapupas work to provide a place for laughter during the process of the disease, turning the hospitals into more friendly and full of life spaces through their performances. Each intervention is carried out in a personalized way, taking into account the patient's physical and mental state as well as their family situation; this information is provided by the health personnel in the prior step to the artistic intervention of Pallapupas.

With this project, an accompaniment is made to the children who must undergo a surgical intervention to relieve their nervousness and stress situation. The idea is to be present not only during the operation (in the case of local anesthesia), but also during the periods prior to the intervention, the entrance in the operating room and until they are under the effects of anesthesia, and the exit of the operatig room.


  • To exchange key information with the nursing team to act according to the age, pathology, mood, etc., of each child.
  • To act during the moments prior to the intervention and during the separation of the parents, so that it is the less traumatic possible.
  • To accompany the child during the whole operation, if the anesthesia is local.
  • To perform in the recovery room, until the child wakes up and returns home.

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With your help, 70 children will be accomanied during their surgery process in the hospitals of Althaia (Manresa), Joan XXIII (Tarragona) and Sant Pau (Barcelona).


Making child surgical interventions a more humane, close and sensitive experience, decreasing the levels of anxiety and stress of the children affected by them, as well as the one of their families.

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