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Solar equipment for the Agroforestry School of the Dindefelo Community

Dindefelo - Senegal

This project will improve agroforestry management skills among local communities. This School, located at the Dindefelo’s Natural Reserve, managed by the local community, will become a reference in West Africa for biodiversity, agroforestry and natural resource management, and food security improvement. This center will hopefully contribute to the endangered chimpanzees’ survival in the region.

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Instituto Jane Goodall


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The main goal of the program is to make biodiversity conservation sustainable through a better management of agroforestry related activities and products. This particular project seeks to achieve two goals:

1) Building the research and training facilities.                

2) Equipping them with the basic equipment to function.

Coming down to the minimum equipment to function, solar panels are the first priority, to allow setting up a regular calendar of trainings and classes with all guarantees (lights at evening classes – the most common ones-, use of projector, charge of batteries for GPS, walkie talkies and other instruments used in the field sessions, small fridge to keep antivenom for snake bites, etc).


  • Equipment of the agroforestry school with solar panels 
  • Installation of an electrical system for an autonomous management of the school. 

Wer wird begünstigt?

90 West African farmers per year (agroforestry improvement), 80 women per year (fruit gathering, tree nursery, horticulture, …), 30 local, national and sub-regional authorities and technical services per year (norms and regulations, technical trainings, water conflicts…).

25 West African university students (biology, ecology, agroforestry and diverse matters) and 300 local students (mostly sensitization).


Also, 8.000 inhabitants of Dindefelo area, who will indirectly benefit of agroforestry improvements.




  • Improve living conditions for Dindefelo's Rural community inhabitants.
  • Empower the population and local actors for long term management of their natural ressources and the ones they depend on directly. Improve agroforestry productivity.
  • Increase and improve knowledge on conservation of key ressources for the eco-cycle maintenance and the development of wealth generator activities (as ecotourism) which would allow access to basic services (water, health, education) in an self-sufficient and sustainable way.
  • Turn Dindefelo into a study case and a national/ international reference for sustainable community management of natural ressources and conservation research, and increase its influence to the whole country and West African region.

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