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Teaching Smiles

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia - Spanien

Spain has the highest percentage of school dropouts in the EU. This figure is alarming especially when one considers that the education system has the ability to combat the intergenerational transmission of poverty and economic crisis.

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Teaching smiles is a tutoring program aimed at children in foster homes in reception centers in Spain. Through this project we help them improve their academic and emotional situation.
This is a program offering educational support to children who are in the care of the authorities and living in care homes in Spain. With this program we can help them to improve their emotional and academic situation.

Many of these children and young people are very far behind in their progress at school (80% of them are failing and the do not reach the end of compulsory education).

This program is based on personalised methods that are focused on the needs of each child. It helps them to learn social and cognitive skills, reinforces the learning process and therefore reduces failure at school.


  • Provide tutoring classes to a child or adolescent to keep up to date with their homework: homework, review outstanding issues, what I learned during the course, etc.

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Lets Bonus and its users will help these young students by donating 2€ to purchase materials for activities, crafts and workshops in schools, or 5€ to provide tutoring classes to a child or adolescent.


Help them acquire social and cognitive skills, reinforce the learning process and above all to reduce failure in school and to aid their social inclusion.

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