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Training of women as bicycle technicians


The bicycle-machines are an ecological alternative that proposes to replace motors that consume electricity or petroleum derivatives by ecological bicycle-machines.

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Maya Pedal


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Maya Pedal is an organization that works to improve the living conditions of Guatemalan families, while at the same time contributing in each of their actions to the environment. Maya Pedal is a pioneer in the creation of bicycle-machines that are driven with the force of pedals, through human propulsion.

The bicycle-machines are efficient tools that serve to support the family economy, generating much more power than any manual method. These machines that use the power of pedaling to operate appliances such as blenders, washing machines, water pumps... without needing electricity. Each bicycle-machine is handcrafted in the workshop of Maya Pedal, using used bicycles, wood and metal. They have designed 21 functional and economic models.


  • To train teenagers who have left school so that they can work as bicycle and bicycle-machines technicians.
  • To create a demonstration center for each bicycles model.

Wer wird begünstigt?

With € 2,000, 30 teenagers between the ages of 14-19 from San Andrés Itzapa (Guatemala) will be trained as bicycle and bicycle-machines technicians.


Empower and train adolescent women, motivating the learning of the existing models of bicycle-machines.

Develop skills and abilities in adolescent women who have dropped out of school, providing them with a range of opportunities to work within the bicycle sector.

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Maya Pedal (website)

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