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Treating Cervix's Cancer in Cameroon is possible

Yaundé - Kamerun

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    • Zacaris Kunden 1.200€
  • Direkte Empfänger 150

    Diejenigen Personen, die auf natürliche Art direkt von den im Projekt ausgeführten Aktionen begünstigt wurden.

  • Indirekte Empfänger 750

    Diejenigen identifizierbaren Personen, die einen potentiellen Effekt von den im Projekt durchgeführten Aktionen erfahren.

Fundación Recover


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  • Gesamt 1.200€


The Recover Foundation focuses its work on the comprehensive development of African hospitals by providing quality health care and affordable sustainably, and access to health care to those rural and remote areas, especially women to prevent cervical cancer.

The project Rural health campaigns offer free care treatment to children, young people and women who live in remote and rural areas in Cameroon
and do not have access to a hospital. With a specific attention to women in order to give them the means to prevent cervix´s cancer.


  • Develop rural health care campaigns to offer free care treatment provided to the local community.
  • Prevent Cervix´s cancer by cancer screening campaigns using the proper dignostics tests to detect the illness.
  • Distribute audiovisual and printed materials about the prevention of the illness.

Wer wird begünstigt?

Due to the impact of this project 150 people will benefit and will have the chance to prevent and detect illnesses affecting both them and their families. Approximately 750 people will also perceive the changes in their communities´ quality of life as a result of this project.


Offer health care to people who live in remote and rural areas in order to prevent and treat different illnesses - this project incorporates and reaches locations unaccessible by others.

Give women in the community the instruments, awareness and opportunity to prevent cervix´s cancer.


Fundación Recover erfüllt die 9 Prinzipien der Transparenz und guten Praktiken, die von der Lealtad Foundation analysiert werden, vollständig.

Fundacion Lealtad

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