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Find a treatment for the most aggressive type of breast cancer

Madrid - Spanien

Breast cancer is one of the most common tumors and is one of the leading causes of cancer death in women, especially in developed countries.

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CRIS Cancer


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Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer among women. Although there have been significant advances in the prevention and treatment of metastatic breast cancer, it remains an unsolved clinical problem.

Cris Cancer in collaboration with Miguel Ángel Quintela, director of the Breast Cancer Clinical Research Unit at CNIO are developping a research to find a treatment for the rarest, but also the most aggressive and hard breast cancer, known as triple negative. For this type of cancer, researchers have so far been unable to identify markers that can classify patients by prognosis or probability of responding to different treatments. But thanks to this project it is possible to classify triple breast cancer patients, which for the first time discriminates those who can be cured from those who might suffer a relapse. It also identifies new pharmacological targets, and indicates that in patients with these targets, combined treatments with existing drugs could be effective.


they have identified six protein kinases, whose functional status predicts the evolution of triple negative breast cancer. Furthermore, researchers have found a way for these proteins to be studied in hospitals, so that in the future it might be a regular clinical test, just as genetic profile analysis of any tumour is today.

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With your help will be possible to find a treatment for the rarest, but also the most aggressive and hard to treat form of breast cancer, known as triple negative.


Identify the causes associated to resistance of certain treatments and develop new drugs to improve the treatment of the triple negative breast cancer.


CRIS Cancer erfüllt die 9 Prinzipien der Transparenz und guten Praktiken, die von der Lealtad Foundation analysiert werden, vollständig.

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